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    Happy Harvest located in the heart of Central Texas, captures the essence of food. By working with local farms, we capture exquisite flavor while focusing on nutritious food that feeds body and soul. Happy Harvest's unique vision allows our community to experience excellence whether at farmer's market, at their own table, or at one of our events. We hope to share our table with you!


Passionate about flavor and nutrition, we make our food available to you at farmers markets, at our farm-to-table events, and even in your own home.

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Only the best food: local, seasonal, and organic.

Seasonal  and local eating are the most important pillars to a healthy diet. By staying in sync with the season, we ensure that our foods are consumed at their most nutritious and tastiest states. Every season has a healthful purpose and flavor all its own — and allows us the privilege of supporting local farms who strive to provide the best organic, seasonal produce available.


the unique vision of HAPPY HARVEST

Our lives revolve around FOOD. It's what brings us together, provides shared experiences, fuels our bodies, and affects how we feel. In cultures around the world, food is of tantamount importance. The vision of a chef and a farmer is to make delicious, nutritious food convenient and accessible.



We are passionate about feeding our friends and neighbors. Our food is available at our store to take home to enjoy with your family. We also make our food available through other retailers and at farmers markets. To enjoy the full experience, join us at our farm to table dinners with the Home Grown Farm.


Upcoming Events of Happy Harvest

  • Four Course Dinner at Cultivate 7Twelve

    Join us Saturday, June 30th for a truly-unique "art-to-table" experience at the hottest new art gallery in Waco. We will be using art displayed at the gallery as inspiration for four memorable courses. This is an event you won't want to miss. Join us for Palette at Cultivate 7Twelve!

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